Financial Business

Finance and related businesses have become one of the traditional core and advantageous businesses of Dacheng since its establishment. Dacheng Guangzhou office provides special or comprehensive legal services for many domestic and foreign banks, non-bank financial institutions, insurance companies, etc., relying on its rich experience and extensive client base in financial field. The business focuses on financing, financial market supervision and compliance business, financial non-performing asset business, financial derivatives, Internet financial platform services, litigation and arbitration and risk prevention for various insurance types, wealth management and other comprehensive legal services.

Our clients are mostly well-known financial institutions and listed companies that are very active in the international financial market and commercial fields, including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of China and its overseas branches and subsidiaries, four major financial asset management companies in China, Standard Chartered Bank, Santander Bank and its Hong Kong branch, HSBC Bank Canada, Deutsche Bank, First Abu Dhabi Bank, Kazakhstan RBK Bank, Turkey Odea Bank, Minsheng Bank Hong Kong Branch, China Guangfa Bank, Huatai Finance, JP Morgan, HSBC Nan Fung Fund, Dongxing Securities, Wanlian Securities, Evergrande Group, Changxing International, Guangdong Mingzhu, CITIC Prudential Life Insurance, etc.

Key services

Financing business

From leading and participating in regulatory changes to providing innovative financing solutions for the most complex and cutting-edge transactions in the market, Dentons Guangzhou office has won many awards in regard to banking and financing, and is at the forefront of this highly developed market.

As a leading firm serving this field, we provide the following services for banks, other financial institutions, corporate borrowers and guarantee providers on various banking, financing transactions, government supervision and other issues.


Key services include
01 Various commercial loans and syndicated loans
02 Off-balance sheet financing and tax-driven financing
03 Trade financing
04 Acquisitions and leveraged financing, etc
Financial market supervision and compliance business

In the field of banking and financial market supervision, we have extensive experience in servicing financial market supervision departments. We assist banks and non-bank financial institutions to conduct a full range of business compliance reviews and propose constructive solutions. We also assist banks to prepare standard documents, and conduct regular reviews and updates in accordance with the development of the law and changes in market practice. In addition, we often assist in foreign strategic investments in Chinese banks.

We provide the following services for banks, securities institutions, financial investors, fund companies, insurance companies, asset management institutions, auto finance companies, financial leasing companies and trust companies:


Key services include
01 The legal and business compliance review, risk identification and prevention system construction of financial institutions
02 Decision support, legal due diligence, M&A and restructuring
03 Drafting of standard documents
04 Compliance review
05 Crisis management
Financial non-performing asset business

Legal service for the disposal of non-performing assets is one of Dentons Guangzhou office’s core and advantageous services. We provide the following services for China’s four major financial asset management companies, China’s state-owned commercial banks, domestic non-performing asset investors, large-scale overseas financial institutions, investment banks, overseas private equity funds, real estate funds, etc.:


Key services include
01 Debt restructuring business, including due diligence of non-performing assets of financial institutions, providing debt restructuring plans, providing legal opinions, participating in negotiations, and drafting related agreements
02 Debt-to-equity swap model business, including providing credit investigation reports and legal opinions, formulating and assisting in launching debt-to-equity swap plans
03 Asset securitization model business, including the initiation of asset securitization and the formulation of plans, legal affairs involved in the establishment of specific institutions, document production, etc.
Financial derivatives business

Dentons Guangzhou office pays close attention to the development of China’s financial derivatives market and maintains good communication with relevant regulatory authorities. By doing so we can accurately determine how the existing structure continues to develop in practice, and more accurately analyze net settlement, collateral, termination and solutions.

The banking and finance group of Dentons Guanghzou office is good at using existing legal structures (such as deposits, private equity, ISDA master agreements and annexes, China inter-bank market financial transport products and assistance agreements, national inter-bank foreign exchange market RMB and foreign exchange derivatives master agreements, credit supporting documents and confirmations, trusts, funds, etc.) to introduce broad and innovative structures to realize derivative transactions under the current regulatory framework in China.

We provide the following services for banks, securities institutions, financial investors, fund companies, insurance companies, asset management institutions, etc.:


Key services include
01 Domestic credit derivative transactions
02 Domestic equity derivative transactions
03 Cross-border derivative transactions involving interest rates, credit, equity and commodities
04 Complex financing such as asset securitization and project financing
Internet financial platform

The banking and finance group of Dentons Guanghzou office has explored and practiced since long ago the Internet financial model represented by third-party payment, P2P online credit platform, Internet financial management platform, Internet small loan, crowdfunding platform, cloud computing, big data, etc., and has accumulated rich experience.



Key services include
01 Provide legal feasibility analysis for Internet financial products
02 Compliance risk judgment and rectification
03 Design transaction structure
04 Draft transaction documents and assist clients in negotiation with transaction participants
05 Dispute resolution, etc
06 Crowdfunding
07 Electronic payment
08 P2P
09 Mobile payment
10 Acquiring business
11 Internet banking
12 Standard product release
13 Online insurance, online credit investigation, etc
Key services include
01 Perennial legal counsel for insurance companies and their branches
02 Act as the proxy for insurance-related litigation and arbitration cases
03 Act as the proxy for the enforcement of effective legal documents of insurance litigation and arbitration cases
04 Provide clients with dispute resolution solutions
05 Provide clients with litigation and arbitration risk prevention schemes
Key services include
01 Family governance
02 Family (members) wealth inheritance
03 Cross-border transfer of family (members) wealth
04 Family trust plan
05 Family (members) tax planning
06 Family charity plan

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