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Intellectual property (IP) business is one of Dentons's main businesses. Dentons has the qualifications for patent proxy business and trademark proxy business. Dentons’s IP lawyers have profound knowledge of IP law and work backgrounds in multiple industries such as technology, management and consulting. Our lawyers who have compound professional qualifications such as patent proxy and trademark proxy, have perfectly combined profound legal practice and experience with professional technical knowledge to solve complex challenges and maximize IP value of our clients by offering which comprehensive service solutions including IP acquisition, management, and rights protection litigation.

Lawyers of the department are current or former members of the Intellectual Property Committee of the All China Lawyers Association, members of the Information Network and High-tech Committee of the All China Lawyers Association, and deputy director of the Patent Law Committee of the Guangzhou Lawyers Association. Some lawyers’ proxy cases have been selected into the 50 Typical IP Cases of the Supreme People’s Court, the Top Ten IP Cases of the Guangdong High Court, the Top Ten IP Cases of the Guangzhou Intermediate Court, the Top Ten IP Litigation Cases of Guangdong Lawyers, and the Top Ten Typical IP Cases of Guangdong Intellectual Property Protection Association.

Key services

Key services include
01 Patent application
02 Trademark registration application, refusal review, trademark renewal
Key services include
01 Verification of IP legal status
02 Analysis and investigation of IP stability
03 Quality analysis and evaluation of IP (patents)
04 Analysis and investigation of IP disputes
05 Analysis and evaluation of IP technology value
Key services include
01 Patent invalidation application
02 Patent search and infringement analysis
03 Trademark opposition and trademark invalidation application
04 Trademark infringement analysis
Key services include
01 Patent infringement litigation
02 Trademark infringement litigation
03 Copyright infringement litigation
04 Anti-unfair competition dispute litigation
05 Other IP dispute resolution
Key services include
01 IP legal counsel
02 Formulate an IP strategy or establish and improve an IP protection system
03 Modification and review of IP related contracts such as technology contracts
04 IP legal affairs in exhibitions, competitions and performances

Representative cases

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