Capital Market

Dacheng Guangzhou office is committed to providing clients with the most professional legal advices, the most profound risk judgments, and the best architecture design, with focus on research and analysis of domestic and foreign laws, regulations, transaction rules and practices, and transaction cases. It has rich experience in successful projects and a broad base of high-quality clients in the capital market.

Dacheng is one of the first law firms in China to obtain securities practice qualifications. It has long been engaged in capital market services including stocks, bonds and other capital instruments. In recent years, Dacheng Guangzhou office has made outstanding achievements in the field of capital markets.

In addition to traditional stock market, Dentons Guangzhou office has taken the leading position in the bond market. Many lawyers serve as expert members of National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors and other institutions to help companies issue various bonds for financing in this market. Furthermore, Dacheng Guangzhou office maintains close communication with China Securities Regulatory Commission and has launched a series of pioneering initiatives in the field of asset securitization in China.

Key services

Key services include
01 Domestic and overseas initial public offerings and listings (IPO) of companies
02 Refinancing (including allotment, additional issuance, non-public issuance, bond and warrant issuance) of listed companies
03 Acquisition of listed companies, backdoor listing
04 Asset reorganization of listed companies
05 Daily legal affairs of listed companies
06 Legal services for listing on national and local OTC markets
07 Formulation and implementation of equity incentive plans for company management and employees
08 Corporate outbound investment
09 Corporate shareholding reorganization
10 Corporate asset restructuring and debt restructuring
11 Design and improvement of corporate governance structure
12 State-owned (collective) enterprise restructuring, state-owned (collective) property rights transfer
13 Venture capital
14 Private equity investment
15 Securities trading and investment
16 Formation and investment of various funds
17 Collective fund trust plan
18 Corporate bankruptcy and liquidation
Key services include
01 The establishment, registration and filing of private equity investment fund managers, and changes in major issues
02 Internal management, information disclosure, daily compliance and risk control services of private equity institutions
03 Raising and filing of private equity fund products, design of fund structure, drafting and negotiation of fund contracts
04 Investment, acquisition and exit of the target company by private equity funds
05 Liquidation, dissolution and distribution of private equity funds
06 Dispute resolution of private equity funds

Representative cases

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