Dispute Resolution and Criminal Affairs

The Department of Dispute Resolution and Criminal Affairs gathers many outstanding litigation and arbitration lawyers who graduated from well-known law schools at home and abroad, and cross-disciplinary professionals in such as accounting and tax, finance, and capital markets. With the joint efforts, we are committed to delivering uncompromising quality and comprehensive litigation and arbitration legal services to customers.

In terms of dispute resolution, the service lawyers are proficient in civil and criminal law, and have in-depth research in commercial and financial fields. They not only have rich experience in civil and commercial cases trial and proxy, proficient in the trial and arbitration process of civil and commercial cases, but also have the proxy experience in resolving major and complex civil and commercial cases, which can be demonstrated by many successful cases. Leveraging on a deep understanding and mastery of domestic and foreign laws and regulations on finance and capital markets, combined with rich experience in litigation and arbitration and professional service attitude, our Department has provided comprehensive legal services such as litigation, arbitration and risk prevention for many domestic and foreign banks, insurance companies, trust companies, financial companies, financial leasing companies and other financial institutions, and have won unanimous recognition from clients. We have rich experience and extensive client base in the fields of financial and capital market dispute resolution.

In addition, Department of Dispute Resolution and Criminal Affairs has a team of criminal legal service lawyers with outstanding competency and rich practice experience. They have rich criminal justice experience in trials, prosecutions, and economic crime investigations, providing criminal defense and criminal-civil cross-proxy services for major, difficult and complex criminal cases such as financial and economic crimes, job crimes, etc. which have great social impact, and providing criminal risk prevention, compliance and daily legal consultation for large enterprises.

Key services

Key services include
01 Act as the proxy for domestic and foreign litigation and arbitration cases
02 Act as the proxy for people in mediation and judicial confirmation cases
03 Act as the proxy for international financial arbitration cases
04 Act as the proxy for enforcement of legal documents and property investigation
05 Act as the proxy for the recognition and enforcement of foreign effective judgment documents in China
06 Provide dispute resolution solutions to clients
07 Provide crisis solutions to clients
08 Provide litigation and arbitration risk prevention solutions to clients
09 Provide other legal services related to dispute resolution to clients
Key services include
Act as the proxy for various types of maritime litigation and arbitration cases, and provide other legal services related to maritime and aerospace fields.
Key services include
01 Provide legal protection against criminal risks for individuals and companies including financial institutions
02 Act as the proxy for individuals and companies including financial institutions for reporting and accusation of criminal cases
03 Act as the defender of criminal suspects, defendants and appellants in criminal cases
04 Act as the proxy for the victim to participate in criminal litigation activities and conduct criminal incidental civil action activities
05 Act on behalf of the parties in criminal complaints
06 Provide clients with other criminal related legal services

Representative cases

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