Corporate and Commercial Business

The Department of Corporate and Commercial Business includes 7 professional groups: corporate and M&A group, tax group, labor and human resources group, bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation group, government and public policy and state-owned assets supervision group, cross-border investment and trade group, and life science and medical health group, each of which has senior professional lawyers in the industry, and the leader of each group is a senior partner with rich practice experience.

We believe that lawyers must be problem-solving experts, but not porters of legal provisions. We are well aware that legal services must be based on "the commercial objectives and true value of clients", hence we strive to establish long-term cooperative relations with clients, to meet and exceed their expectations.

We are dedicated to providing professional legal services to our clients leveraging on our accumulation in the above seven areas, including litigation and non-litigation legal services, formatted and non-formatted legal service processes.

Key services

Corporate and Mergers and Acquisitions

We provide clients with comprehensive legal services on corporate establishment, change, daily operation and management, etc., which is the dominant area of Dacheng Guangzhou office. In recent years, Dacheng Guangzhou office has identified various legal risks faced by clients, helped them build feasible legal risk management products and embedded them into clients' daily operation and management from different entry points within the framework of clients’ main businesses, operation and management systems.

We provide the M&A service that is in a leading position in the industry, and we have completed many complex and major commercial M&A transactions on behalf of various clients. In this professional field, Dacheng Guangzhou office can give full play to the advantages of its legal service network that is rooted in the center of the Pearl River Delta, and gearing toward the Greater Bay Area, and even the country and the world. Leveraging on our superb professional level and excellent legal talents, we can quickly form a cross-regional service team to provide clients with comprehensive international legal services and value-added services.


Key services include
01 Corporate establishment and change
02 Corporate merger and division
03 Perennial legal counsel for companies
04 Comprehensive legal risk management
05 Legal risk management of a single business module or management module
06 Corporate governance
07 Legal due diligence of investment M&A
08 Analysis of industry policies involved in M&A projects
09 Structure design of M&A transactions
10 Review, drafting and negotiation of M&A transaction documents
11 Issue analytical opinions on matters such as transaction supervision and approval
12 Issue legal opinions on major M&A issues
13 Assist in the approval of government departments
14 Transaction completion
15 Post-merger integration

We have brought together elite lawyers with work experience in taxation agencies and with accountant and tax practitioner qualifications, and have established strategic partnerships with domestic well-known accounting firms, tax expert firms, asset appraisal agencies and other intermediary agencies. In response to different restructuring, M&A and investment models, we have designed and formulated different tax law manuals and service procedures, based on which we can provide clients with professional, feasible, convenient and effective tax planning services. In addition, we have also served as legal advisors to many domestic tax authorities and have extensive practical experience in resolving disputes between taxation authorities and companies.


Key services include
01 Tax dispute resolution
02 Striving for tax policy
03 Business model optimization
04 Tax planning for major issues
05 Transfer pricing and supply chain taxation
06 Tax compliance diagnosis
07 Corporate tax rights-protection
08 Taxation and property planning for private clients
09 Tax planning for major issues
10 Transfer pricing and supply chain taxation
11 Taxation and employee incentives related to labor and employment
12 Legal counsel for government taxation
13 Tax planning for family and personal wealth management
14 Daily tax counsel
Non-performing assets disposal and debt restructuring

We provide industry-leading asset disposal and debt restructuring services. We have experienced experts for disposal of non-performing assets to provide comprehensive services such as due diligence, disposal and investment of non-performing assets for financial institutions and companies. We have extensive experience and professional talents in the field of large-scale accounts receivable collection for large enterprises or listed companies. We have 20 years of professional experience in the fields of corporate restructuring, asset revitalization and debt restructuring. We provide professional legal services for the disposal of state-owned assets, the liquidation and closure of state-owned enterprises, or the withdrawal of "zombie enterprises". We also have extensive experience in legal services for corporate restructuring in multinational companies and financial institutions, and acquisition of non-performing assets and debts by domestic and foreign investors.


Key services include
01 Disposal, investment and management of non-performing assets of financial institutions
02 Collection and management of enterprises’ large-scale accounts receivable
03 Disposal, trading and revitalization of corporate assets
04 Enterprise closure and withdrawal liquidation
05 Debt restructuring and liquidation
06 Major civil and commercial litigation related to asset and debt disposal
Labor and human resources

Our labor and human resources service not only covers traditional labor law, but also focuses on hot issues such as anti-corruption compliance, trade secrets, and large-scale personnel placement projects etc., which are increasingly important under current market and policy environment. .With the collaboration between labor team and professionals in other sectors of Dentons, we provide integrated legal service solutions including labor and employment for major and complex transaction projects of clients.


Key services include
01 Issues concerning labor laws, regulations and policies
02 Provide daily consulting opinions for corporate personnel compliance
03 Advise on compliance issues of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act for multinational companies
04 Draft and review labor contracts, dispatch agreements, employee handbooks and corporate rules and regulations
05 Employee tip-offs and appeal handling; employee violation handling and compliance review
06 Collective negotiation, collective contract signing, and labor union negotiation
07 Labor contracts, compensation management and dismissal of management personnel
08 Employee benefits and equity incentive system, compensation structure design, stock options, etc
09 Non-competition and trade secrets
10 Assist in solving the labor issues involved in company mergers, outsourcing, relocation, shutdown, reorganization and restructuring, including large-scale layoffs projects and group dispute resolution, etc
11 Act for companies to participate in the mediation, arbitration and litigation of labor disputes, which involve the lawfulness of dismissal, wages and salaries, benefits, rest and vacation, protection of trade secrets, and performance of non-competition
12 Participate in the handling of mass incidents
Bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation

In the field of bankruptcy liquidation and reorganization, we provide services including but not limited to bankruptcy administrator services, management of distressed companies, judicial reorganization and liquidation, agreement reorganization and special asset investment, etc., covering industries such as foreign trade, real estate, energy, light industry, finance, retail, Internet, etc.


Key services include
01 Act as the bankruptcy administrator in the bankruptcy liquidation proceedings of the People's Court
02 Creditor proxy
03 Debtor proxy
04 Investor consultant to assist in formulating reorganization and reconciliation plans
05 Syndicated consultant
06 Pre-reorganization business outside the court
07 Risk control of bankruptcy liquidation
Government, public policy and state-owned assets supervision

In the field of government and public policy, we provide professional legal advices and in-depth participation in local and industrial legislative planning. In the field of state-owned assets supervision, we provide professional services for investment, operation, management, transaction and withdrawal of state-owned assets, and provide professional advices on difficult legal issues in the process of state-owned assets disposal and transactions.


Key services include
01 Special legal counsel for government, state-owned enterprises and institutions
02 Discussion on soliciting opinions for legislation
03 Demonstration of major government decisions
04 Policy drafting and formulation
05 PPP project
06 Government procurement
07 Government tender
08 Participate in business negotiations
09 Legal research
10 Review and develop contract text
11 Issue legal opinions
12 Provide legal advices
13 Provide legal training seminars
14 Litigation and arbitration
Cross-border investment and trade

Cross-border investment and trade service is one of Dentons's core and advantageous businesses. Dentons is one of the world’s largest law firms and the world’s first polycentric global law firm, which is able to integrate best business practices into a global business portfolio to help clients develop business or resolve disputes in various regions. In addition, Dentons has established long-term cooperative relations with many well-known international law firms, and has a very extensive, stable and flexible network and resource system on a global scale. Dentons has rich experience and a broad client base in the field of cross-border legal services. Equipped with rich local experience and a deep understanding of international rules, Dentons has helped state-owned enterprises, domestic private enterprises, wholly foreign-owned enterprises, Sino-foreign joint ventures and other clients to complete a large number of complex cross-border transactions, It has accumulated a large number of outstanding projects and rich practical experience in overseas listing and refinancing, overseas direct investment and foreign investment, cross-border M&A and reorganizations, cross-border equity investment and fund investment, cross-border finance, international trade, foreign-related dispute resolution, etc. It is at the forefront and leading position in the legal services for cross-border business.


Key services include
01 Cross-border investment and mergers and acquisitions
02 Cross-border finance and capital markets
03 International trade
04 Cross-border litigation and arbitration

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